Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Steampunk Weapons Simulator Is Finally Here!

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We are sure that you have already heard about the steampunk culture and what it represents, but if you haven’t, do not worry, we’ve got you. Perhaps the best way to describe the term steampunk is that this is what the past would look like if the future had happen a little sooner. It can be considered to be an alternate timeline in history that would have happened, of course if the industrial revolution had not happened before that.

Steampunk culture is consisted of several elements, but the most interesting parts about the steampunk culture are definitely the gadgets and the weapons. This is just one of the many reasons why eWeapons™ team has decided to develop a new simulator game, called Steampunk Weapons Simulator.
With the Steampunk Weapons Simulator you will have a wide selection of steampunk modified weapons, including some of the most popular weapons in the world. Pistols, machine guns, rifles, shotguns, bombs and much more will be available for you to play with in the Steampunk Weapons Simulator. All of these weapons were modified to fit in the steampunk culture and we are sure that you will fall in love with their features.

When it comes to steampunk, everything is powered by fire, steam, combustion and etc. so, there are no circuit-boards or any other computer technology. The same goes with this simulator game, where every weapon is machine powered, with pipes, levers and gears and this is what is really great about this steampunk weapon simulator game.
You will be mesmerized to watch all of these parts working together as you load your steampunk weapon and shoot from it. Each and every weapon has an authentic steampunk look with engraved parts, materials like leather, brass, mahogany and copper. These steampunk weapons also have gauges, lamps, clocks, wooden parts and you can even see mini Swiss knives on certain weapons.
The mechanics on all steampunk weapons is authentic, in high resolution graphic and another great thing with this weapon simulator app is the unlimited ammo, which will provide you with the opportunity to shoot as much as you want.

We hope that this app sounds interesting to you, and if you are a fan of steampunk culture and love to play steampunk games we are sure that you are going to love it. The last thing left to be said is, do not miss out on an opportunity to be one of the first ones to download it and test it out.

Features of Steampunk Weapons Simulator:

- great collection of steampunk weapons and guns
- unique weapon sounds and effects
- unique weapons mechanics
- realistic shell drop sounds
- unlimited ammunition
- realistic fire, smoke and recoil effects
- zoom
- camera flash
- slow motion
- vibration
- mirror effects
- fantastic game music and special effects
- high resolution graphics

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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Ultimate Weapon Simulator: A Real Treat for Gun Lovers

Ultimate Weapon Simulator download Weapons can be at the same time very dangerous but also extremely fun things. There are a lot of weapon enthusiasts out there and if you are one of them, you have come to the right place. If you loved playing with toy guns when you were a kid or imagined that you are a solder fighting in war, you will definitely fall in love with Ultimate Weapon Simulator app. So, if you are a gun lover, fan of weapon games and appreciate both aesthetics and built, then Ultimate Weapon Simulator is the right app for you.
Ultimate Weapon Simulator is one of those simulator games that will allow you to feel like you are playing with a real gun. The best virtual weapons will be just one tap away and you will not be able to stop shooting until you have tried all of them. Ultimate Weapon Simulator app holds its place high when it comes to weapon games and has a wide selection of most popular rifles and pistols. You will be stunned with the details on every pistol, rifle, shotgun and machine gun, especially when you hear the realistic sounds of shell drops.
One of the greatest thing with the Ultimate Weapons Simulator app is that you never have to worry you will go out of ammo, but that is not all, there is something even better. You have an option of playing a mini game within the app with the weapon of your choice in a shooting range game. This mini game is a first person shooting game where you shoot the targets and then move on to other levels. You will definitely have a lot of fun and enjoy playing this first person shooting game and feel like a professional shooter.
Ultimate Weapon simulator is one of the best simulator games because it has a wide selection of weapons with authentic mechanics, aesthetics and built, and when we take in consideration the realistic sounds and high resolution graphic, we have the answer why. Besides the shooting range game, some other equally important features this weapon simulator has are, realistic coil effects, together with fire and smoke, slow motion, excellent game music and the camera flash that lights up the room when you fire your weapons.

The arsenal of weapons in the Ultimate Weapon Simulator app will take your breath away and leave you with the feeling that you are shooting from a real weapon. With this weapon simulator you will become a gun expert and transform your device into a real firearm. So, now you that you know how the app works and what satisfaction it can bring to you, the only thing left to say is, fire away!